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The Nature of Faith

genuine-faith (1)Faith is the lifeline that connects man to divine resources. Faith is a force that attracts God’s gift into human life. What flows from deity to humanity is channeled through faith. Faith is a force of God in an unseen realm that precedes seen results. Faith makes tangible a happy anticipation of good hope. (Heb 11:1), divine approval is only obtained through faith actions.

Faith is a principle initiated by God. God is a faith God. Heaven and earth are faith results. The whole creation is a product of faith actions. Faith filled WORDS were the raw materials the creator employed to get the creations. Faith is a product of words and it is expressed in words. Faith is a dynamic process that starts off with the hearing of ears, goes on to believing with the heart and released through the movement of the lips; all though the word agent. God had his world by speaking his word; you too can have your world by speaking your words which are in line with God’s word. Faith is based on God’s word which is infallible

Faith is an assurance that culminates from trust in the integrity of another. The integrity of God cannot be over emphasized. He had sworn by himself and eternal insurance is placed on his words (settled forever). His words provide a solid front on which we stand firmly, knowing fully well that the speaker is seated at the universe highest seat of authority (Right Hand of God). We operate in faith unconsciously, seeing the faithfulness is the language of the covenant and knowing that our covenant partner (God) is faithful enough to carry out His promises. In the midst of adverse circumstances and helpless situations, we stand by faith undistributed knowing the victory is the endpoint of a faith path.

Faith is Inborn
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“The future belongs to the competent.
The future belongs to those men and women who have prepared themselves by developing an attitude of continuous learning”

learn1Today  continuous learning is the minimum requirement to achieve success in any field.
Life long continuous learning has become a shock to many people in our society today.

Some people have settled themselves in the past when they left school and say thank God it’s all over, I won’t have to study again and they kept to their word. I know lots of people who have not even opened a book since they left school.

However the paradigm has shifted, we have moved from the era of one time learning to an era of continuous learning. Today you will never stop getting an education as long as you live.

And even how long you live is going to determined to a certain extent by how well and continuously you get your education.

There is ample scientific evidence that men and women who remain mentally active, alive and involved throughout their life live longer, have fewer health problems and enjoy their life more than those who have switched off their minds at an early age and from then on just sit down and switch on the television.

Between wherever  you are today and wherever you want to go, there is a gap that runs like a river between you and your goals and the bridging materials over that river are knowledge and skill.

We need to make that shift from manpower to mind power.

Life consist of learning years, earning years and yawning years.

Your knowledge or skill is becoming obsolete. We need to move from Manpower to mind power.

Of course we have to work harder to become a bigger success,but we have to work smarter as well.

Knowledge is power.
Knowledge can be used to acquire value. knowledge can be improved on.

2 Timothy 2:15
 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Knowledge helps us to make decisions. knowledge determines the value we create. knowledge can grow, knowledge can be a primary source of value.

Invest in knowledge.You shall know the truth, Jesus said and the truth shall set you free.